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Thursday, 16 December 2010

It's Christmas time

Oh, oh, oh!

Well, I think this is a bit wrong.

We'd better say: ho!, ho!, ho!

Here's Santa Claus from the North Pole:

Finally, it's Christmas time and by the way, what's Christmas time for you?

-For me, it's a marvellous time when we get together and there's no need to hurry up for quite a long time, well, at least at Christmas. We've got time to stay at home and stop our car. No more stress and lot of fun and rest. We share many regards and we return many compliments. Somehow, our hearts get bigger on these days.

Ok, that's only my opinion. What about Alison Driver from the British Council?

Here's his opinion: "Christmas is a time of many traditions which haven’t changed in centuries but its meaning has changed for me as I have got older. I live abroad and can’t go home often, but at Christmas I can go home and be sure that I will see everyone I want to. Christmas for me now is about home – family, friends and community. It is a time to be with the people I love. When I was a child Christmas had a different meaning for me."

Ok, now it's your time. What does Christmas mean for you?

These two Christmas cards will help you to think and write about it. You can post your commentaries on this blog.

For further vocabulary on Christmas, here's your handout.

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